Welcome to Lammster, a new blog created by Lammily. Lammily is your only fashion doll with realistic body proportions. Lammily celebrates who you are. You are beautiful, inside and out, regardless of any flaws you think you might have. Our imperfections make us unique. Getting over our problems makes us stronger. This is why we started Lammster. We ask different people to share stories of their journey through body images issues, self esteem problems, eating disorders, anxiety, depression — and how they overcame it, who helped them, what inspired them. 

The term "Lammster" was coined by Lammily Enthusiasts — a fan group whose support Lammily is very grateful for. We love it and think it makes a perfect title for this blog!

We invite you to share you comments, your thoughts, and we hope you will send us your own stories to publish here at Lammster! Please keep in mind that Lammster is a curated blog, meaning that we work hard to review and edit the content we publish. 

Thank you for stopping by! Come back soon as we will publish more stories.